HR Strategy

Elevate your business with an appropriate HR strategy. 

Senior Team HR & Business Support

At People HQ Group we work with busy senior teams to help provide clarity, better structure, and to equip you to work more effectively as a team.  

We offer a series of workshops & support services, including:

  • HR Strategy – For businesses that don’t have a senior HR presence in role we help senior teams ensure the HR Strategy of their business is correct.
  • Individual and team DiSC® profiling to assess team strengths and opportunities for development.
HR Strategy
Associate HR Director

Scale up with an Associate HR Director

Is your business preparing for growth? Avail of our expertise with support from an Associate HR Director.

Our team has over 25 years experience in delivering effective HR solutions for leading organisations across Northern Ireland.

We can help your business scale up by offering invaluable support as an Associate HR Director within your business.

You’ll benefit from my HR expertise, industry experience and excellent network, all tailored to support your business.

Let People HQ Group provide your business with professional HR support.

Let's chat about the future of HR for your business.