People HQ Founder and Director delighted to be a guest speaker at the recent Think Network event on ‘Self  Belief’.

Greg tells his story.

Greg got the opportunity to tell a little bit about his own jouney at the Think Network event recently held in Belfast. The topic of the evening was ‘Self Belief’.

The video shows the full talk on the evening. A few if the key advice points offered to the audience on the evening on self belief included:

1. Conscious and sub-conscious mind – be aware and work on your mindfulness

2. Relax – you will never make a good decision whilst in a stressed state

3. RESULTS over EXCUSES – forget excuses, start to think about results


5. Clear mental image/ vision – have one, share it.

6. GOALS – Set them and have real actions to help achieve these!

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

8. Collaboration and building relationships is important.

9. Give back your knowledge freely.

10. Work hard – nothing happens by sitting back, just work smarter.

11. Be true to yourself – go with your gut feeling.

12. Learn from your mistakes.

13. Believe – BELIEVE in YOU!!

14. Remember there is no calvary coming.

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