When you are just beginning to expand and scale your small business, a fully functioning HR department probably isn’t at the top of your wishlist, or perhaps not even in your top five. As the owner-operator of the business, it is likely that you often find yourself taking responsibility for HR processes such as payroll and conducting interviews. However, you don’t have to go it alone. I have put together seven things you can do to manage HR processes within your organisation when you don’t have an HR department. 

Appoint Your Leaders 

Make a list of all the HR tasks you are currently doing, as well as tasks you should be doing. Delegate these tasks to members of your leadership team so as they can help shoulder the burden and ultimately get the job done. This will allow you to spend more time focusing on running the business while having confidence that all bases are covered with your HR responsibilities. 

Use HR Software 

Enlisting a great HR software is key, particularly if you do not have an HR department within your organisation. This type of software can help to shoulder many of the time-consuming HR tasks such as absence management and applicant tracking, if you are in growth mode. It will enable you to gain a bird’s eye view of HR within the company and minimise the time you spend on this.

Invest In An HR Consultant 

Where you do not have the budget to employ someone full-time to manage your HR department, hiring the services of a qualified HR consultant is the next best thing. We can help to manage HR processes and procedures within the organisation as well as advise on complex issues to keep you right. 

Get Your Templates In Place 

When it comes to employing your team, there are a number of aspects of the process which are largely unchangeable. Such things as employee handbooks, HR policies and contracts of employment should be held on a template which you can add minimal customisations for each team member. This will save you time and money. A top tip is to ask an HR consultant to help you to devise the templates, so as you have peace of mind that they are legally sound. 

Have A System 

Having an HR system in place not only allows you to save time in the process, but it also means that you are consistent in the way in which you approach HR decisions within the business. This makes the job easier for you but also means you will stay compliant with employment law. Why not speak to People HQ to hear about our partnership with a leading HR Software provider.

Act Quickly

Unfortunately, from time to time, HR issues do arise. In this instance, it is essential that you act quickly to put in place the process or action which is needed. If you make a habit of addressing all issues, even the seemingly small ones, quickly, your team will respect you for it and you will build an engaged team in the process.  

Know Your Limits 

Finally, you are growing, it is an exciting time. It is essential that you know your limits and that you start to build your HR department when you need to. This will stop you and your leadership team from becoming overwhelmed by the growing list of HR tasks within the business and will enable your people function to run seamlessly.

If you need support to help build HR capability in your business speak to People HQ today. You can call our office on 02891 246 000 or email enquiries@peoplehq.co.uk to speak to one of the team.