Organisations recognise the value of gaining access to top talent within their industry and many of them seek the best, most efficient and most cost-effective way to do this. For many years ‘recruitment consultancy’ may have been seen as a dirty word, however, in recent times, lots of businesses have looked to recruitment consultancies to help streamline their talent management process and ensure they are getting the very best from their recruitment strategy. 

Using a recruitment consultancy not only allows you to hand over some of the work, but it allows you to have access to an industry expert throughout the process. In order to help you make your decision on whether or not to use one, I have written this article to set out seven key reasons why you should consider using a recruitment consultancy. 

We know what good looks like 

At People HQ we have industry experts heading up our recruitment division. We are not KPI driven sales people, we are simply HR professionals who have loved doing recruitment throughout our career and enjoy adding value to our clients and candidates. ‘We know what good looks like’ as we have successfully interviewed and hired the best talent over the years. Our consultants are qualified and specially trained to identify the best candidates in the market. We interview and select hundreds of candidates every month so when it comes to choosing who is a perfect fit for your role, we know a thing or two to help.

We can negotiate salaries 

Recruitment consultants can also aid you in the salary negotiation process. Not only can we help by adding a buffer in the discussions with the candidate, but we know your industry inside out and so can help with salary benchmarking when you don’t know what to offer. We can help ensure you reach an agreement with the candidate which makes both of you happy, aligning salary expectations throughout the process.

We can interview candidates

Recruitment consultants really can take the bulk of the work off your hands. If you’d like to interview your candidates in house, that is fine by us. However, if you’d like us to take on that part of the process we can do that too. We know what to ask, the answers you want and ultimately how to spot the perfect fit. At People HQ we offer a fully managed recruitment support package to those clients who require it.

We can provide industry insights

A good recruitment consultancy can help by providing industry insights into not only the current talent market, but best practices when deciding on your application and selection process.  

We can save you time 

It is no secret that recruitment and selection can be a time consuming process, especially when you have a long list of other important things you need to do. Using a recruitment consultancy helps you to free up this time to spend doing what you love, running your business. 

We can advertise your roles 

A recruitment consultancy will know the best and most effective places to advertise your open roles. We will get the best possible coverage for your job and ensure you are reaching the candidates you want. Through years of experience we know the platforms which work best and the ones which perhaps won’t work so well for you.

We have access to the best people 

High quality candidates like to work with professionals, and so when they begin their search for a new role they will almost always register with a recruitment consultant. This means that recruitment consultants have access to the best people on their books and can recommend those candidates who we feel would be a perfect fit for your business. A good recruitment consultancy will discretely tap into its network of passive candidates and also headcount talent on their clients behave.

The covid pandemic has had a strange effect on the recruitment market. Candidates are more cautious about moving roles in some cases, whilst in other cases the period of reflection during furlough has encouraged others to seek their next opportunity.

Whether you are a business who needs recruitment support or a candidate looking to drive your career forward speak to People HQ today. You can call our office on 02891 246 000 or email to speak to one of the team.